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Whitney Rain Studio is all about unique, fine art.

It’s all about creating, exploring, learning, and growing.

It’s all about becoming your best self.


It was only a few years ago that I started to believe I was capable of being creative but now that small spark of creativity has grown into a full fledged love of making. 

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"Everyday, all the time, be creating. Even if the outcome is not that great, keep on creating, keep on giving it your best. "

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Color, Texture, Energy.

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Create Beauty

Truly my greatest desire with my art is to bring more beauty and joy to people's lives and homes. The world is full of noise and distraction, but home can be made a beautiful, tranquil escape from the business of life. Art helps to personalize the home, make it feel special, and bring joy to those within its walls each time they experience the beauty.

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Never stop learning.

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Creativity With Purpose

My paintings are created in the small pockets of free time I'm able to find while caring for my 1 year old son. Creativity has helped me to find purpose and fulfillment alongside being a mom and that happiness I feel while creating shows through in my paintings. I try to spend time each day mastering brush strokes, discovering new colors, and trying to capture the beauty and spontaneity of watercolor.


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