I am a self taught artist who believes that creativity is for everyone. After receiving my degree in chemical engineering and working for awhile, I found myself with some unexpected free time and decided to finally pick up a brush and try to learn to paint. With almost no previous experience, I have been blessed to see so much growth in my artistic abilities over the past few years. My greatest inspiration is nature and the beauty and energy that is so unique to the outdoors. 
My paintings are created in the small pockets of free time I'm able to find while caring for my 1 year old son. Creativity has helped me to find purpose and fulfillment alongside being a mom and I hope that happiness I feel while painting shows through in my paintings. I try to spend time each day mastering brush strokes, discovering new colors, and trying to capture the beauty and spontaneity of watercolor. Truly my greatest desire with my art is to bring more beauty and joy to people's lives and homes. Thank you so much for being here!